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We are makers too!

Intellisights — Analytics for humans (and marketers)!

Problem Statement: Marketers, eCommerce and Digital service platforms are awash with data - 'small and big'. Unfortunately a very small amount of this data is used in day to day digital or marketing due to complexity of tools, effort involved in creating meaningful insights and time invlved in learning analytics tools. Result: Data apathy and over-reliance on external agencies.

Solution: Intellisights creates powerful data sets based on sector specific user journeys and KPIs - helping markers make real time decisions on priorities and spend.

Intellisights is going into a phase of testing and will be available for client deployments during 2019.

Ignius IoT — An IoT Wearable

Problem Statement: If you are reading this expecting a spiel on data for IoT - you are in the wrong place. Ignius is actually looking to solve commonplace problem - the feeling of being unsafe and vulnerable based on age or gender. Think women's safety at home, in public spaces, during commute or at work - over 80% feel unsafe.

Solution: The Ignius IoT solution is a wearable device bringing together mobile data connectivity, GPS-grade location tracking and wearable electronics.

Ignius is currently based at Central Research Labs - UK's premier hardware accelerator and is EIS, SEIS assured for UK based investors.

Details available on www.ignius.co