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Shape marketing to drive Digital Experience Intelligence©

From ‘personalisation’ of digital journeys to leveraging DMPs in advertising- we find modern marketing riddled with semantics, often far removed from the simplicity and ‘data trust’ expected by marketers. With Big Data and AI visible on the ad-tech lumascape - we see a strong need for brands to define a strategic and enduring martech + adtech business architecture.

We help clients embrace Customer Experience Intelligence© - our Strategy offering powered by an understanding of identity, behaviour and digital interactions of our customers. We focus on creating enduring  Marketing, eCommerce and Self-Service roadmaps with data-driven intelligence at it core. We have also take a long-hard look at marketing practices, data sources and 'use cases' to define a maturity model to inform a phased yet agile approach.

Talk to us to discuss where you stand on this maturity graph and about our case studies in defining Digital Experience Intelligence Strategy. 


Personalisation & CRO

Data-driven context aware customer experiences win! That’s almost a truism in today’s world.

Yet think about your recent holiday purchase and the plethora of 'hard-copy' with sensational offers, nudges, toasters, page-interstitials, Facebook 'news' ads or the dreaded follow-up email. A litany of marketing actions deliverd under the banner of 'Personalisation'. While many of such tactics might work, we feel Personalisation is truly effective when data-driven strategies become meaningful for customers across the end to end journey - brand interactions - performance - eCommerce to digital self-service. We truly believd in the power of being relevant without being intrusive. We help set-up Centre of Expertise (CoE) - teams that can understand business KPIs and run with the delivery of data-driven marketing programmes across your web and mobile channels and align it to your paid media activities.

We have helped global clients take the CoE approach to Personalisation - delivering key elements of the people, operational and technology triad with 6 to 12 months of joint-operations and training internal teams. Talk to us about our experience in setting up a CoE for a Global eCommerce leader


Analytics & DMP

Digital Analytics is a no longer about measurement, reporting or dashboards (although all these things are really important!) - Analytics is the foundation for 3 core martech challenges - Identity, Segmentation and Data Itegtation for eCommerce, Customer Retention, Retail and MultiChannel use cases. We are increasingly leveraging this foundation for advanced scenarios - big data, Artificial Intelligence and dynamic decisioning. Pierian partners with Google and Adobe to bring the power of modern - We help clients implement business requirements driven analytics' solution incorporating Analytics to Data Management strategies.


  • Analysis & Insights

  • SEO & Paid Search Optimisation

  • eCommerce Optimisation

  • DMP Audience Planning

Talk to us about our Analytics and DMP operations expertise.


Martech Implementation 

We provide full stack martech strategy, requirements, deployment and operations services for Tag Management, Analytics, DMP, and Personalisation technologies across Web and App SDK.  While our core specialisation is on Adobe's Experience and Analytics Cloud solutions we also support Tealium, Google and Oracle Cloud integrations. We have supported more than a dozen implementations of Adobe's Experience Cloud Products viz. Analytics, Adobe Target and Adobe Audience Manager invoivjng over 50 different data source integrations with the CRM and digital advertising solutions viz. Google Marketing Platform, Adform, Teavaro.

Talk to us about our Adobe Experience Cloud - Analytics, Target, Audience Manager - technical implementation experience.





We work with Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and specialise in Analytics, DMP and Personalisation.


We work with Google's Analytics and Marketing solution for Display, Video and Search.


We leverage Teavaro's Funnel Connect platform as a marketing id solution for Personalisation in marketing.