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Here at Pierian, each role is more than a just a gig — it's a opportunity to solve challenging puzzles in the digital realm, alongside a crew of clever thinkers and creators. As you explore our open roles, imagine the possibilities that lie ahead. This isn't just about where you'll work; it's about where you can leave your mark, shaping your future as you grow. Ready to embark?
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Crafted to ignite your creativity, nurture your journey, and unleash your potential. Together, let’s sculpt the Data.Driven digital future for our partners.

📚 Training & Certification: Elevate your skills with targeted training and certifications, carving out a thriving career path.

🚀 Progression to AI & Engineering Roles: Step into the future with opportunities for career growth in cutting-edge domains.

💡 Growth Mindset Training: Foster resilience and adaptability with our specialized growth mindset programs.

👥 Mentor & Buddy Programme: Gain insights and support from seasoned professionals, enhancing your journey with us.

💼 NEST Pension Contribution: Build a secure future with our contributory pension plan, ensuring your peace of mind.

💰 10% Bonus Eligible: Earn recognition and reward through a 10% bonus potential for your impactful contributions.

🚗 Eligibility for the Electric Car Scheme: Embrace a greener commute with access to our electric car scheme.

🌴 22 Days Annual Vacation: Rejuvenate with 22 days of vacation, exploring new vistas and recharging your spirit.

🛌 3 ‘Duvet Days’ per year: Claim your space for unexpected breaks with 3 ‘Duvet Days’, no explanations needed.

❄️ Holiday Office Closure: Spend cherished moments with loved ones during our Christmas closure.

🚆🚲 Travel Support: Smooth your commute with London travel perks and a cycle-to-work scheme.

🐾 Pet-friendly Office: Bring your furry companions to a workspace where every creature finds comfort.

🎉 Team Socials: Bond with colleagues at our regular socials, where community and camaraderie bloom.


Joining Pierian as an Associate Mar-Tech Developer has been a turning point in my coding journey. The supportive and fun in-office culture has meant I feel I am on a rapid trajectory in a fast-paced digital tech landscape for techies.
Ben Vamplew
Associate - Technology
Working with Pierian is always a treat. They combine speed and agility with precision and creative problem solving, making every project a joy to be a part of. Their warmth and generosity stand out, making collaboration fun. It's a rare blend of people that makes them a unique team, a tight community. Highly recommend Pierian to anyone looking for a partnership that’s both productive and enjoyable.
Chad Cribbins
As the team’s bonafide heart-on-my sleeve millennial, I walked into Pierian expecting run-of-the mill marketing activation work. In a word - I was wrong. In little over 5 months I have had the opportunity to navigate Pierian’s brand launch, contribute to ad-tech briefs and help shape the in-office experience. I am loving it!
Mel Ustun
Marketing & Design Associate

From myth to modernity:
the Pierian origin story

From myth to modernity:
The Pierian origin story
The name "Pierian" draws from the rich tapestry of ancient Greek mythos, where the Pierian Spring symbolized a fountain of knowledge and a sacred ground for the Muses, daughters of King Pierus. Nestled near Leivithra in Pieria, a stone’s throw from Mount Olympus—the abode of Greek gods—this spring was believed to meld art and science in a mystical confluence for those who drank from its waters. Legend recounts the nine Muses, patronesses of arts and sciences, whose voices resonated through the valleys, beckoning the curious souls of the era. Their harmonious existence was a fusion of artistic grace and scientific prowess, epitomizing enlightenment. One fateful day, intellectual sages, driven by reverence and rivalry, challenged the Muses to a grand debate. As eloquent expressions and profound ideas volleyed amidst gods and mortals, the essence of inquiry and enlightenment shone through. The cerebral duels—clashes of song, art, and science—transcended mundane discourse, with a transformative fate awaiting the vanquished. Post-debate, the Muses, touched by divine favor, metamorphosed into swallows. This new form symbolized their boundless quest for knowledge, embodying the spirit of endless exploration. With wings to soar through known and unknown realms, the swallows continued to inspire curiosity and enlightenment.
This ancient narrative breathes life into the ethos of Pierian, forging a bridge from a storied past to a future of boundless potential in the digital realm of Marketing Technology. Fast forward to today, the legacy of the Pierian Spring reverberates through Pierian's essence. Our logo—a swallow—captures a contemplative gaze towards a promising future. In a world where data streams have become modern-day springs, Pierian, akin to the Muses, orchestrates a harmonious blend of creativity and technology. With unquenched curiosity, we delve into the vast unknown, gleaning insights to drive innovation and illuminate untapped potential. Our mission mirrors the essence of the Muses: to inspire, educate, and empower. Engaging with global partners, we transform data into a springboard for actionable solutions, each interaction a step towards unraveling the digital mysteries driving growth in this age. Thus unfolds the saga of Pierian—a modern-day embodiment of the Pierian Spring, where technology and data underpin our existence. Just as the Muses thrived at the confluence of diverse disciplines, Pierian thrives at the intersection of data, technology, and creativity. Every engagement with our partners is a step closer to unraveling digital enigmas, forging a path of growth, innovation, and boundless exploration in the Marketing Technology landscape. Or the Pierian name, could have been the winning answer to a pub quiz, but the story above is way more fun.