Our purpose

Boldly Owning Challenges, Unquenched Curiosity, Illuminating Untapped Potential, Inspiring New Opportunities.

Pierian’s purpose is to boldly own our partners’ challenges. With an unquenched curiosity we seek to understand and share knowledge. Through a confluence of knowledge and imagination, using data and art to illuminate untapped potential. By defying the status quo, we experiment, inspire new opportunities, drive new innovations, and enabling our partners to grow.



Actions Speak Louder Than Words: We’re in, All the Way

Core Values Sincere, Diligent, Attentive, Dedicated, Ambition
Words have power, with integrity we need to stand by what we respectfully say, we live and die by our words. When we dive in, it’s all in – dedicated and fully focused on making things work.

Collaboration is in our DNA: Uniting for Solutions

Core Values Diligent, Attentive, Teamwork/Unity
We find strength in numbers and actively facilitate teamwork, providing the right environment to bridge gaps and unite efforts. We champion collective insight, we’re not afraid to team up with anyone, internal teams or external partners—even rivals—every interaction is a chance to learn and build together!

Fearless Ambition: Taking On Challenges Big and Small

Core Values Bold & Can-Do, Confident, Ambition
Boldly confident, we never back down from the scale of a challenge. Whether it’s a small sprint or a marathon, we’re always ready to make things happen.

Calculated risk-takers: an entrepreneurial spirit

Core Values Risk-taking, Teamwork/Unity, Bold & Can-Do, Innovation
We don’t shy away from measured risks, we know they lead to innovation. We break free from the ordinary, embracing a dynamic start-up culture that’s anything but predictable, with each and every attempt, successful or not, it edges us closer to THE solution.

Courageous Leaders: Guiding the Way

Core Values Leadership, Accountability, Bold & Can-Do, Stewardship / Want to lead
Fearless in our pursuit of pioneering ideas and fostering clarity, we lead by example. With or without a title, we embrace accountability and drive outcomes that set the course for success, always striving to lead and nurture the growth of our colleagues and partners.

Promises delivered: Walking the talk

Core Values Sincere, Diligent, Accountability, Dedicated
We’re more than just words; our actions define us. Promises aren’t just spoken, they’re fulfilled through unwavering commitment and effort. We take ownership and responsibility, turning words into tangible results.

Hitch a ride:

Along this odyssey, together, we’ll traverse the digital mythos, not merely to see the sights, but to reshape them.