EU opportunity Analysis

Incremental Traffic
Revenue Upside

The brief

Vodafone Global asked Pierian to undertake an opportunity analysis of 4 of their largest European markets with the aim of expanding their organic search traffic to more than 50% of non-direct traffic.

Our approach

Close collaboration with markets was essential to understanding the differences between them, where local laws, taxation and societal differences changed the product/service and customer journey, and the limitations of the current BAU activities.  Where an audit will often focus on errors, mistakes and missing elements on a website, this was not an appropriate method here.  Not only would this limit cooperation with the markets but it also ignored the knowledge and ability of the SEO teams, who were top-drawer.  We were not going to achieve a 75-100% increase in organic traffic with some optimised metadata, corrected redirects and canonical tagging, and instead we looked to focus on activities that would significantly “move the needle”.  

 One of these was to employ robust, novel techniques like generative AI, to provide scalable solutions to issues that were not viable to address previously. The addition of content to address more than 2000 frequently asked questions that appear as part of Google’s Knowledge Graph would previously be a task that would take a copywriter more than a year, but can now be actioned in a matter of days, with the majority of the time allocated to a human editor to verify that the content is accurate and on-brand


Alongside a full breakdown of all technical issues with the website, prioritised using an impact/effort graph, as well as a backlink analysis, at the end of the project we were able to present Vodafone with a detailed 2 year strategy and a roadmap to gain 3.6 million visits in additional traffic, over 18k potential contract and device sales, and in excess of €24m in revenue across 4 markets and their verticals.

Pierian's CRO expertise helped The AA streamline our road recovery and insurance journeys, boosting conversion rates and member satisfaction. Their data-driven approach, strong grasp of modern front-end development, CRO tools such as Optimizely and collaborative spirit has made it an immensely successful partnership.
Stuart Clare
Head of CRO, AA