Path-breaking ad tech innovation for Pernod Ricard with Utiq, a new Universal ID Solution

Evaluate the performance of Utiq, a new, network based Universal ID and assess it’s viability as solution for audience targeting in a post-3rd Party Cookie world
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The brief

Our mission with our partner Utiq  is to re-shape the role of customer identity for global advertisers across the digital advertising ecosystem in Europe addressing privacy, trust and ROI goals.  During 2023 and early 2024 we worked with global advertisers to test the solution across a range of marketing use cases. 

In this case study we have highlighted the approach behind defining the use cases, audience strategy, DSP deployment and data analysis to assess the benefits and shape the future testing roadmap for one of our leading clients.  

Our approach

With 3 partner’s involved in the project, none of whom had worked together before, an Agile Methodology was key to efficient and timely implementation and gaining the most out of the opportunity

With FMCG Client we coordinated with the Jameson IT team to build a dedicated page for users to manage their Utiq Consent and update their Privacy policy content to reflect the changes.  With Adform, we worked with them to update their targeting prioritisation and optimised the campaign settings to maximise visibility and ensure brand safety.  We worked with Utiq to customise the consent window with the Jameson brand font, colours and logo, and then used data provided by FMCG Client to give them the information they needed to to expand the available inventory by a factor of 4.


The results of phase 1 of the pilot were successful enough to greenlight a phase 2 and to introduce a phase 3 to the project.  We were able to confirm the viability of frequency capping using the new ID as well as achieving a reach percentage 30% above target and a CTR which also exceeded expectations.  

For phase 2 and beyond we have advanced the project in a number of ways.  We have worked with FMCG Client to produce optimised, dedicated assets for the programmatic campaign rather than adapting larger poster ads which were not optimised for the size and formats used.  We have also worked with Adform to deep dive into the campaign analytics and implement a number of improvements to their system to maximise visibility and improve delivery volumes.  As the final part of the puzzle, we have been working with Utiq to further expand the inventory, not just in the market overall but also within the hard-to-target core audience segments

Pierian's CRO expertise helped The AA streamline our road recovery and insurance journeys, boosting conversion rates and member satisfaction. Their data-driven approach, strong grasp of modern front-end development, CRO tools such as Optimizely and collaborative spirit has made it an immensely successful partnership.
Stuart Clare
Head of CRO, AA