Our partnership with Yext allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive solution for managing their online presence. Yext's Knowledge Management Platform acts as a central hub for all their crucial business data, including listings, reviews, and social media profiles. This enables us to ensure consistent and accurate information across the web, improving local search ranking, strengthening brand trust, and ultimately driving customer acquisition. By partnering with Yext, we provide our clients with a solid foundation for successful digital marketing campaigns, built on a foundation of accurate and readily available information.
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Tools & Services

Pierian provides expertise to help you accelerate your digital transformation plans.

Yext Reviews

Reviews are a critical source of feedback for your brand, a space to engage with your users, and an area that provides a significant impact on search

Yext Pages

Yext Pages allow you to design and publish pages for your entities. You have the ability to customise pages to change both the content and design to ensure it matches the look and feel of your website.

Yext Listings

Yext's Listings Analytics pulls all of your 3rd party listings data into one place for you to view, filter by, and slice-and-dice any way you want.

Case Studies

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